Donor Partners

Memphis Suit Project would not be possible without the generous support of our community. We are grateful for the corporations and individual donors listed below for their support. Because of each of them, we are better preparing men in Memphis for their futures.




  • David Anderson
  • Jeremy Baker
  • Paula Ann Cooper
  • Bill Edwards
  • Kristen Hayes
  • Ric Heimke
  • Marilyn Koester
  • David Livingston
  • Laura Beth Lott
  • Jim McGehee
  • Will Moore
  • Paul Nickell
  • James Oliphant
  • Chris and Karen Paessler
  • Wesley Poole
  • Justin Thomas
  • Robert Walker
  • Suzan Watson

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Will you be a donor?

Everyone can do something. Whether you are an individual, a corporation or a church, you can play a part in the success of Memphis Suit Project.