Community Partnerships

Community partnerships are critical to our organization's success. By partnering with these great organizations, we are able to keep our costs low, which ultimately allows us to outfit more men. 

If you are interested in becoming one of our community partners, please reach out to us.



Our customers are always our top priority. We offer an excellent selection of name brand clothing for men between New York and LA with prices 50% less than department stores.

Customers may shop online at or at our 25,000 square foot outlet located on Highway 64 at Germantown Parkway, between Malco Theater and Hobby Lobby in the Wolfchase Mall Area.



As part of our program, our recipients are asked to write a short essay or shoot a brief video (iPhone is ok) answering the question:

How am I prepared to better my life and my community?

To help them in this effort, our recipients are treated to a private workshop at the Apple Store at Saddle Creek to learn how to shoot and edit their Reflection video. Our community partners are absolutely amazing and we are grateful to Apple for investing in our youth!



Now more than ever, Memphis needs talent. Our businesses need talent to thrive, our government needs talent to solve problems, our schools need talent to educate our youth, our communities need talent to innovate and work for a better future. We are forging a more prosperous and vital new Memphis by attracting, developing, activating and retaining talent.