Reflection Video: Jaylon Stinson

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Jaylon is a student at Holly Springs High School and a past recipient of MSP. At our presentation skills training @Apple Store Saddle Creeek, Jaylon and his classmates learned how to present themselves in front of a camera. Jaylon has a unique interview type style video that's quick and fun to watch. Jaylon explains how he wants to motivate others younger than him to never give up! Way to go, Jaylon!

Reflection Video: Sainna Christian

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Watch Sainna as she explains how she plans to better her life and her communty. Sainna's home country is Jamaica, but the coaches and mentors at @STS Enterprises have taken her under their wing to help her grow and develop professionally. Sainna attends LeMoyne Owen College and is pursuing a career in finance. Sainna is a very motivated, young professional ready to take on the world!

Reflection Video: Antaun Andrews

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Watch Antaun as he explains how receiving his new suit will better himself in his future career and impact younger men in his community. Antaun is an athelte from University of Memphis and is working hard at his academic goals. Antuan is a contagious personality that we all enjoyed getting to know. Thank you to the @Apple Store Saddle Creek for partenering with MSP to provide great presentaion skills training to each of our students.

SUIT 'EM UP Tigers student-athletes earn suits by attending professional development seminars

by Lamar Chance via University of Memphis Athletes

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Check out this article from University of Memphis telling of how the partnership between Memphis Suit Project and PAWS program worked beautifully for the athletes and their future careers. Our recipient Matthew Kamph was featured along with our own Meghan Heimke. Here's a little peek..."Having the suit is really a great incentive," Kamph said. "I was someone who did not have a suit before this project. By using this as a stepping stone to get a suit, I've been able to get into select classes and a lot of interviews. A lot of doors have opened up."

Tent company stakes hiring pipeline to high school program

by Michelle Corbet via Memphis Business Journal



In this article, one of our recipient organizations, Project S.T.A.N.D., is highlighted for its partnership and employment opportuinities with Mahaffey, a Memphis-based tent and event rentals company. The students were trained and worked through the month of May, delivering tents, tables and chairs in the local market. Seven of the seniors have since expressed interest in working for the company long-term.

Reflection Video: Makennon Doran

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Watch Makennon as he explains how he is prepared to enter the workforce by entering the military after graduation, then serve in federal law enforcment. Makennon is a past recipient from University of Memphis PAWS program. Let's all cheer on Makennon as he graduates and starts a great career!

Reflection Video: Landarius Griffin

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Watch Landarius Griffin as he explains how he is preparing himself for a career and as a role model. Yarterius is a past recipient from Holly Springs High School. Landarius has a quote at the end of his video that you don't want to miss!

Reflection Video: Yarterius Griffin

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Watch Yatterius Griffin as he explains how receiving a new suit will help him in his professional career! Yarterius is a past recipient from the Hooks African American Male Initiative (HAAMI). Can’t wait to see this young man achieve his career dreams!

Reflection Video: Kyron Martin

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Watch Kyron as he explains how receiving a new suit will help him in his professional career! Kyron is a past recipient from Memphis Athletic Ministries. In his video, Kyron explains his future plans and thanks Mike Conley for his generous contribution to get the students at @MAM suited for their futures. We can't wait to see how he succeeds! 

Reflection Video: Montavious Dean

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Watch Montavious Dean as he explains how receiving a new suit will help him in his professional career! Montavious is a past recipient from Memphis Athletic Minsistries. Montavious was so fun to get to know and is very driven. Watch out world, here he comes! 

Reflection Video: Aaaron Persinger

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Watch Aaron as he explains how receiving a new suit will help him in his professional career! Aaron is a past recipient from University of Memphis PAWS program for student athletes. Aaron was so fun to get to know and is very driven. Can't wait to see how he succeeds! 

Each receipient we suit has to answer the question "What does receiving this suit mean to me and my community?"

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To answer this question our receipients go to the Apple Store and get the opportunity to answer this question during a training event taught by Apple employees. They are able to use the store's devices and learn a tangible skill of recording and editing a short video. We want to give our audience the opportunity to hear some of these videos. Each month we will feature some of these reflection videos so you can meet the people behind the suit.

Meet the Gentlemen of Project Stand!

Check it out!! This is a video recap of the AWESOME Suiting we had with Project Stand at GW Carver College and Career Academy. It was our PLEASURE to work with each of these men and their mentors to help equip and empower them as they work to improve their lives.

Well done, Gentlemen of Project Stand! And thank you Memphis Marcus, for this awesome video!!

Suiting Event: University of Memphis student athletes PAWS program


Last week Memphis Suit Project had the distinct pleasure to suit the student athletes of University of Memphis PAWS program! Huge thanks to Strategic Financial Partners for making this event possible and helping these students enter the workforce with confidence and credibility! 

Suit Gifting: Meet the Men of HAAMI

"I believe that this suit will be a vessel for me towards the path to achievement in my academic career as well as a door opener in future career in law or endeavors that I have not yet come across."   -Recipient Matthew A. Bellow

"I believe that this suit will be a vessel for me towards the path to achievement in my academic career as well as a door opener in future career in law or endeavors that I have not yet come across."   -Recipient Matthew A. Bellow

Only 11.7% of African American male students graduate within a four-year period from the University of Memphis. This number has increased every year, but continued improvement in retention rates is vital to student success.

The Hooks African American Male Initiative (HAAMI) is working to improve retention rates and we want to help! Memphis Suit Project recently partnered with HAAMI to suit 11 of their students as part of their career development program. 

"...In order to take care of the community I must take proper care of myself."  -Recipient Kyle S. Bledsoe

"Having a suit gives men a feeling like no other....Young men want to be heard and suit allows people to listen."   - Recipient Lloyd Goodman

"My professional development, the sharing of my gifts and redefining what it means to be successful in my black community are all ultimately my visions that can all sprout from just one suit."  - Recipient Justin H. Childress


"For me, this is not just a new suit- but my only suit- because I recently moved to the United States and did not have many clothes to bring with me. Growing up in my country, I never had the opportunity to have a new suit that had only belonged to me. Currently, I have one pair of dress pants that are now too tight and wearing them is distracting and somewhat embarrassing. Being involved in this program (HAAMI), I realize how limiting it is to not have the proper attire to wear when attending formal events. Yesterday when I went for my measurements, it was exciting and validating to know that I would be receiving a suit made just for me. More importantly, because I have this suit, I now have the chance to participate in any professional event or opportunity that will come my way."  - Recipient Leedon Morgan

"This suit will reveal the power beneath me by allowing me to make an impression on the person that will potentially interview me for the job that God has planned for me.  I will name this suit 'the go get that JOB suit.'  I would like to once again show my gratitude in accepting this gift as an honor to wear it with my head held high, and to wear it with the pride and dignity."  - Recipient George Burton

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More about HAAMI:

HAAMI focuses on improving the retention and graduation rates of African American males attending the University of Memphis by enriching each students' academic, personal, and social development.

In monthly group sessions, HAAMI participants learn career, personal, and life skills from university faculty and staff as well as business leaders. Session presentations include topics such as university support resources, mental health, student loan debt, internship, professional etiquette, and job readiness. Mentoring and individual coaching, special events, and peer fellowship and support are additional components of HAAMI.

Targeting Social Disparities:

Hooks Institute programs provide direct interventions to help eliminate racial, health, and socioeconomic disparities in the Mid-South. Best practices identified through our efforts are disseminated for replication throughout the nation.

More info about HAAMI: