Interested in a career in healthcare? UTHSC to ensure more nurses have opportunity for success

by Elle Perry via Memphis Business Journal

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a shortage of more than 1 million registered nurses by 2022. To help address that shortage, University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)'s College of Nursing is partnering with Memphis-area colleges. The UTHSC College of Nursing Partnership Enrollment Programs (PEPs) will allow eligible students enrolled at LeMoyne-Owen and Rhodes colleges to receive guaranteed full admission into UTHSC's accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Students who meet additional requirements will also be able to participate in a bridge Doctor of Nursing (DNP) or Ph.D. program. 

Recipients take note: My City Rides delivers first scooters to help Memphians roll to work

by Tom Bailey via Commercial Appeal

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Charles Williams on Thursday took his last bus ride to his job as a mover/driver for Ewing Moving & Storage. And he'll no longer have to pay Uber for a ride home when he works late and misses his bus. Williams finished a job by midafternoon, drove the Ewing truck back to headquarters at 4006 Air Park in Southeast Memphis and found waiting for him in the parking lot a new black motor scooter.

Four Steps to a College Saving Plan

by Brian Douglas via Inside Memphis

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Business Financial Advisor Brian Douglas of GuidingPoint Financial Group in Memphis has a few thoughts on getting a college saving plan going. “Outside of retirement and purchasing a home, there may be no more important financial goal that requires preparation than your children’s higher education tuition,” he says. “While saving for college may seem daunting, planning early and saving thoughtfully can make the goal more attainable for many parents.”

He suggests four steps that can help:

1. Estimate college costs: Historically, the cost of college has risen faster than the standard rate of inflation. Check out free online college savings calculators to estimate tuition and fees at public or private institutions, such as the website Use the estimate as a guideline for a conversation with your spouse about how much you’d like to contribute to your child’s education. Do you wish for your child to contribute? Will you cover the cost of books, room and board, and extracurricular fees?

2. Start setting money aside as soon as possible: There is no substitute for saving. Craft a habit-forming strategy, such as saving a set amount each month, putting aside a regular bonus or raise, or saving your tax refund. Remind yourself that even a modest amount will make a big difference in tackling your child’s tuition. When you’re ready to put your money to work, choose a savings vehicle that is right for your financial situation, risk tolerance and goal amount. One of the most popular options is a 529 plan, which is specifically designed to help families save for higher education. When money is withdrawn for qualified education expenses, no taxes are due on earnings accumulated in the account. Other tax-advantaged savings options include Uniforms Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) accounts, Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) accounts, tax-exempt savings bonds, and Coverdell education savings accounts. There are also taxable account options, allowing you to choose the vehicle that works best for your family.

3. Research financial aid options: It may be difficult to save enough to cover every education expense, particularly for families with multiple children or if you’re balancing other financial goals. Scholarships, grants and loans may help you fill potential gaps. The U.S. Department of Education allows you to forecast your family’s eligibility for federal student aid before you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) when your student applies for college. Many scholarships are available to high schoolers of all grades, so encourage your child to research local opportunities.

4. Revise your savings plan as your child ages: Periodically revisit your strategy to make sure it’s on track to meet your financial goals. You can re-prioritize and save more as college move-in day approaches. As your child ages, bring him or her into the conversation. Discuss the level of support you will provide. Help your child consider various career paths and higher education options, evaluating them to see if they are realistic and within your budget.

Exciting Update from Mayor Jim Strickland

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Last year, Memphis Suit Project had the opportunity to suit the men of Mayor Strickland's program Manhood University. This week Mayor Strickland updated the city of Memphis on the program and shared an interview with a past student of Manhood University and his inspirational story. 

Suiting Event: University of Memphis student athletes PAWS program


Last week Memphis Suit Project had the distinct pleasure to suit the student athletes of University of Memphis PAWS program! Huge thanks to Strategic Financial Partners for making this event possible and helping these students enter the workforce with confidence and credibility! 

TruGreen hiring for 15,000 positions

by Elle Perry via Memphis Business Journal

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Memphis-based TruGreen, the largest lawn care company in the nation, has announced it is "actively searching" for candidates to fill 15,000 positions across the country.

MSP Featured in Commerical Appeal's "Giving Back" Column

Each Sunday, cityCURRENT president, Jeremy C. Park, spotlights organizations and individuals who are making a difference in the Mid-South and easy ways to get involved and help their efforts in his week "Giving Back" column in The Commercial Appeal (Metro section). We are so thankful that Jeremy chose to feature Memphis Suit Project in last week's issue. 


Memphis Suit Project is Helping Men Get Job-Ready

 Coach Kyle Bennison of Memphis Athletic Ministries assist a recipient with his tie.

Coach Kyle Bennison of Memphis Athletic Ministries assist a recipient with his tie.

First impressions matter, especially when attempting to get a job. Looking sharp on an interview often plays an important role in whether someone ultimately is offered a job. Memphis Suit Project helps men clear that hurdle.

Memphis Suit Project works with men as early as seniors in high school, with a high percentage age 16 to 24 and either not in school or unemployed. The organization provides a suit, shirt, tie, belt, socks and shoes to about 20 men per month.

Memphis Suit Project started out in 2013 using a donated suit model. A partnership with New York Suit Exchange then gave the organization a special deal on suits, shirts, ties, belts, socks and shoes. So now men look sharp from head to toe in their new, stylish items that have them ready for a job interview.

“We know that when you look good and feel good about yourself you carry yourself differently,” said Meghan Heimke, executive director of Memphis Suit Project. “We’re all about helping to remove that barrier so they have confidence.”

Memphis Suit Project partners with a variety of local organizations to connect....

Help Memphis Suit Project Suit 11 HAAMI Men

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Only 11.7% of African American male students graduate within a four-year period from the University of Memphis. This number has increased every year, but continued improvement in retention rates is vital to student success.


The Hooks African American Male Initiative (HAAMI) is working to improve retention rates and we want to help! Memphis Suit Project will be partnering with HAAMI to suit 11 of their students as part of their career development program.


Please join us in raising $2,200 by February 19 so that each of these 11 men have confidence and credibility as they graduate and pursue employment in our great city!


More about HAAMI:

HAAMI focuses on improving the retention and graduation rates of African American males attending the University of Memphis by enriching each students' academic, personal, and social development.


In monthly group sessions, HAAMI participants learn career, personal, and life skills from university faculty and staff as well as business leaders. Session presentations include topics such as university support resources, mental health, student loan debt, internship, professional etiquette, and job readiness. Mentoring and individual coaching, special events, and peer fellowship and support are additional components of HAAMI.


Targeting Social Disparities:

Hooks Institute programs provide direct interventions to help eliminate racial, health, and socioeconomic disparities in the Mid-South. Best practices identified through our efforts are disseminated for replication throughout the nation.


More info about HAAMI:

Interested in coding? Have you heard about CodeCrew? They are leading the youth coding movement in Memphis.

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In partnership with the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation, CodeCrew offers a variety of programs focused on ensuring that youth are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work, and how to put this knowledge to use through programming and software development concepts.  These include a number of summer camps, after school programs, in-school electives classes, and special events.

If you are interested in coding- or know someone who might be-

FedEx uses 'alternate paths' to hire high-tech employees without college degrees

via Memphis Business Journal

 Image by SCYTHER5

Image by SCYTHER5

FedEx recently launched the Pathfinder Program to find potential employees who might not have gone the college route. 

Congrats Tech901!

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2017 Graduating Class

Congrats to our friends and colleagues at Tech901 for achieving their largest graduating class EVER!

Their second year ended strong with 79 Fall graduation awards! A total of 207 new students attended Tech901 courses in 2017.

Keep up to great work, Tech901!


    How Turner Construction Company is bringing minorities into the workforce

    by Patrick Johnson via LinkedIn

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    Here in the city of Memphis, minority unemployment is an old problem. Since the 1990s, we have been a majority-minority city, with a population that’s about 63 percent black. Roughly 43 percent of Memphis-area small businesses are black-owned. Yet, those and other minority-owned businesses only account for 0.9 percent of total sales, according to U.S. Census data. 

    Moral Mondays Organized by Religious Leaders Who Talk of ‘Fragmentation’

    By Bill Dries via The Daily News

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    A group of 25 local religious leaders are bringing the “Moral Mondays” effort to Memphis with a series of three “table talks” at different churches toward finding a “moral center” on social justice issues. 

    11 students go straight from high school to the Memphis Police Department

    by Daniel Connolly via The Commercial Appeal

     by Daniel Connolly, The Commercial Appeal

    by Daniel Connolly, The Commercial Appeal

    The short-staffed police department wants to make the Blue Path high school recruiting program the main way it recruits new police employees. 

    The New Memphis: Do You See It?



    The New Memphis is all around you. Our city is built from the old and made for the now. We are rich in history and committed to a bright future. 

    We are the New Memphis.

    Written & Directed by Edward Valibus

    Starring Syderek Watson and the City of Memphis

    Visuals provided by:
    Edward Valibus
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    Title Artwork by Eso Tolson

    Animation by Chris Koelsch

    Audio Recording by Michael Hunkele

    Audio Mixing by Nate Reisman 

    Edited by Edward Valibus & Benjamin Rednour

    Thanks to: 
    Memphis and Shelby County Film and Television Commission
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