Suit Gifting: Introducing the Seniors of Memphis Catholic High School

This suit will not only progress me a servant leader but also as a young black male who wants to show off his potential. I personally consider my family members as part of my community and try my best to make them and everyone who looks up to me proud. As a senior in high school, it is my job to set the example to everyone younger than me and show them how they should conduct themselves. Children and many adults are visual learners, and look at appearance first, which plays into the favor of having a suit to motivate them. As previously stated, if I get a job by wearing the suit gifted to me then I am already contributing to my community by becoming a well-rounded citizen.
— Tommy Coleman, Senior

On Tuesday, August 22, Memphis Suit Project had the honor of gifting suits and business attire to the 38 seniors at Memphis Catholic High School. We dressed the men from head-to-toe in brand new suits and the women looked beautiful in their clothes from our partners at Dress For Success

Surrounded by their peers, families, teachers and mentors, the recipients shared how these suits made them feel more confident as they complete their work-study program and move into the workforce. 

"After we did this project I actually went in to put in job applications," said senior Carria Smith. "And I have an interview in two weeks!"

The seniors at Memphis Catholic are working hard to improve their lives, and now are relieved of the worry of “What to wear?”

"Each of these young people- looking professional, sharp and ready to take on the world- encourage and inspire me," said Meghan Heimke, executive director of Memphis Suit Project. "I know that their futures are full of promise. Dreams waiting to be fulfilled. We want them to go in confidence knowing that we are rooting for them every step of the way."

Watch out world….here they come!