10 Rules to Look Good in a Suit

Photo by ThinkStock

Photo by ThinkStock

Men's fashion experts help you look even better by showing you how to put it all together.

1. Dry-Clean Your Suit Within 48 Hours of the Big Spill
"That's true of any garment, " says Steve Boorstein, author of The Ultimate Guide to Shopping and Caring for Clothing. "Otherwise, stains can set. " You need to dry-clean your suit only two or three times a year, which also means it will last longer. "Inspect it for stains, " says Boorstein. "If you've got a stain on your lap or wrinkles in the crotch, have your pants cleaned. The jacket can wait. "

2. Button the Jacket Up Tight
It'll keep the jacket secure, straight, and unwrinkled on the hanger. "The only other time to button them all, " says Men's Health fashion director Brian Boye, "is when you're wearing a one-button suit. " If your jacket has more than one button, always leave the bottom one undone. What you do with the rest is entirely your call.

3. Head for the Shoe-Shine Guy After the First Drop of Rain
It's the opposite of your car-wash mentality: When the rain comes, the polish will fight off the moisture, protect your shoes, and make you look better than the other amphibians out there. If there's not a cloud in sight, have a shine whenever you arrive early for an out-of-office business meeting. "It's an ego balm and time killer wrapped into one, " says Gordon Thompson, executive vice president and creative director of Cole Haan. "And it takes only 15 minutes. " If you have shoes made of exotic materials, like crocodile, be sure to work moisture into the skin at least once a month.