Suit Gifting: Michael Harner

Meet Michael Harner.

After a career of working construction, Michael decided he wanted to better his life and financial position by pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management from The University of Memphis. Today we gifted Michael with a suit, shirt, tie, belt and socks so that he has confidence and credibility as he begins to interview.

Although I am the non-traditional student I have had to live from paycheck to paycheck for most my life. By going to college and getting my degree I hope to end this type of living. Now that I am a college student and close to graduating I really don’t have money for a suit. Receiving a suit from the Memphis Suit Project would help me in so many ways. I feel like a suit would help me have more confidence, during job interviews and job networking. I have always been told if you look good, you feel good and by going to school I have come to learn that there is truth to this.
— Michael Harner, Suit Recipient
Recipient Michael Harner with Christen Lundgren of MSP

Recipient Michael Harner with Christen Lundgren of MSP