Premier Sponsor: Crazy Cleanerz

Crazy Cleaners came upon such a unique name because many industry insiders didn’t think it was possible to offer couture type dry cleaning services at reasonable prices. Yet here we are, saving YOU up to 80%!


Our promise is to provide High Quality Garment Care along with prompt, responsive customer service for the best price possible.  It is our goal to be thought of as the best everyday value our customers receive from any business.  We expect to build long lasting customer and employee relationships by satisfying both the expectations of our customers as well as our employees.


We care for each garment as if it were our own. That is why we use state-of-the-art technology and special solutions to remove dirt and everyday odors from a variety of fabrics without affecting the color or causing undesirable shrinkage. Each article of clothing goes through a detailed process, beginning with inspection, stain-removal and cleaning, then final inspection and packaging. Whether it's your favorite cashmere sweater or that timeless black dress, we believe both deserve a dose of dry-cleaning so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Crazy Cleanerz is proud to say that all of our dry cleaning solutions are 100% distilled for purity before reuse. Factually stated, we can tell you that no other cleaners you have ever used in the mid south can honestly make that claim.


Today, in the next phase of Crazy Cleanerz, we are offering home pick up and delivery service for less than you can drive your garments to your current cleaners!  Many providers offer what they call a “FREE” pick up and delivery service, but rest assured it’s the most expensive “FREE” thing you may ever receive!  Known as Dr DryClean, the new pick up and delivery division of Crazy Cleanerz, we are now available to pick up your garments in selected areas.

Unlike some pick up and delivery providers, your clothes are never processed by wholesale cleaners.  Your garments will always be in our care! With over 45 years of industry experience nobody does it better than us. Let us simplify your clothing care tasks and give you back your time and money that you are currently losing elsewhere.