Welcome Preston Butts, Jr to the MSP Board

Memphis Suit Project is thrilled to welcome Preston Butts, Jr. to its board. Preston's passion for the Memphis community, business acumen and expertise in strategy, development and fundraising makes him an incredible asset to the MSP board. 

"As an emerging non-profit seeing significant results of our work, we recognize our need to grow and expand our internal structure, including our board," said MSP's executive director Meghan Heimke. "I am thrilled for the energy, ideas and commitment that Preston has already shown and look forward to working closely with him to serve men and women in Memphis that need confidence and credibility as they seek employment."

Please join us in welcoming Preston to our team!


Preston Butts Jr.

 Preston Butts, Jr.

Preston Butts, Jr.

Preston Butts Jr., the founder and CEO of MEM10 Consulting, is a native Memphian with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Lyon College.  An entrepreneur at heart, he has been involved in various ventures and continues to seek fresh new opportunities.

Preston has a passion for helping others reach their highest potential professionally as well as personally. He has worked with numerous organizations along with professional athletes, coaches and front office personnel. Through business and philanthropic efforts, he has been able to leverage his platform and influence in the business community to help businesses of all sizes grow and structure mutually beneficial partnerships to generate long term success. By using skills he has acquired over the past ten years, Preston has been able to change the direction, mindset, and focus of multiple businesses ranging from those in infancy to those well established.

Aside from his business acumen, Preston is committed to giving back to the community.  He serves as a mentor to young adults and is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Currently, Preston also sits on the board of Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) and supports various causes and charities throughout the city.

Preston resides in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife Jacqueline and their two children.  He is on the leadership team at Highpoint Church and serves as the Executive Director of Development and is part owner of the restaurant BOGARD.  In his spare time, he enjoys basketball, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Forget Schmoozing, Here’s How To Get Influential People’s Attention

by Selana Soo via Fast Company

 Image Courtesy of Rawpixel

Image Courtesy of Rawpixel

You probably know that powerful people receive dozens, if not hundreds, of unsolicited requests every day. And at networking events or speaking engagements, the most influential folks in the room usually have to fight back a scrum of people hoping to get a word in or hand off a business card. To get on their radar, you have to do more than cold email and hope for the best, or push your way to the front of the line at industry mixers. If you want to meet them–and break through and build a lasting connection–the best strategy is to make them come to you.

Kingsbury High grows health and entrepreneurship with city’s first student-led farmers market

by Cole Bradley via High Ground News

It’s 8 a.m. on a balmy Monday in July, but the team arriving at Kingsbury High School doesn’t need coffee to help waking up. They’ve got plenty of youth and passion to fuel them. These students are budding gardeners and entrepreneurs who are working this summer to launch Shelby County Schools' first farmers market organized and run by the students themselves. The coalition of organizers and educators advising the students hopes they learn what it takes to run a business and how they can begin addressing some of the greatest challenges in the Graham Heights community. 

Reflection Video: Montavious Dean

Screenshot 2018-07-22 21.29.34 MSP 8:8 .png

Watch Montavious Dean as he explains how receiving a new suit will help him in his professional career! Montavious is a past recipient from Memphis Athletic Minsistries. Montavious was so fun to get to know and is very driven. Watch out world, here he comes! 

17 Simple Things These Successful Executives Do Every Day No Matter What

by Christina DesMarais via Inc.

Screenshot 2018-07-20 16.07.28 MSP 8:4.png

Whether they're for your physical condition, emotional outlook, or level of productivity, the things you repeatedly do every day define your quality of life. Here are the daily habits several executives credit for the success they have achieved.

Attention All MSP Recipients: Opportunity Memphis Career Fair this weekend!

Screenshot 2018-07-31 13.30.56 MSP 8:1.png

2018 Opportunity Memphis Career Fair is coming up this Saturday! Mayor Jim Strickland and the City of Memphis are holding a FREE career fair to connect job seekers with companies hiring locally. Go get 'em! 


Reflection Video: Aaaron Persinger

Screenshot 2018-06-17 21.46.12 MSP 7:31.png

Watch Aaron as he explains how receiving a new suit will help him in his professional career! Aaron is a past recipient from University of Memphis PAWS program for student athletes. Aaron was so fun to get to know and is very driven. Can't wait to see how he succeeds! 

5 critical elements of any resume

by Daniel Bortz via Monster

Screenshot 2018-06-17 21.30.47 MSP 7:27.png

Resumes will certainly vary depending on whether you’re a recent graduate, changing careers, or looking to move up in leadership. But no matter what your level of experience is—or what industry you’re in—experts say every resume should have these core elements:

How’s your penmanship? Tips on hand written notes

by Jon W. Sparks via Inside Memphis Business

Screenshot 2018-06-17 21.24.48 MSP 7:23.png

The sentiment that everything old is new again might apply when it comes to simple communication. Remember handwritten notes? If your penmanship hasn’t deteriorated from disuse, you might be able to impress colleagues, bosses, and potential employers with a few strokes of the pen.

How to ​command attention, no matter your position or experience

by Shawn Rhodes via Memphis Business Journal

 image courtesy of ISTOCK (ENOT-POLOSKUN)

image courtesy of ISTOCK (ENOT-POLOSKUN)

If you have information that could mean the success or failure of your team it’s your responsibility to speak up. How do you command attention, no matter your position or experience? It’s simpler than you think. 

Each receipient we suit has to answer the question "What does receiving this suit mean to me and my community?"

Screenshot 2018-06-17 20.36.34 MSP 7:15.png

To answer this question our receipients go to the Apple Store and get the opportunity to answer this question during a training event taught by Apple employees. They are able to use the store's devices and learn a tangible skill of recording and editing a short video. We want to give our audience the opportunity to hear some of these videos. Each month we will feature some of these reflection videos so you can meet the people behind the suit.

Richard Branson: What 7 highly successful people can teach you about having fun while chasing your goals

by Ruth Umoh via CNBC

 Image courtesy of Getty Images

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Self-made billionaire Richard Branson works hard but he plays even harder. "Fun is one of the most important — and underrated — ingredients in any successful venture," the Virgin Group founder writes in "The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership."

Interested in a career in healthcare? UTHSC to ensure more nurses have opportunity for success

by Elle Perry via Memphis Business Journal

Screenshot 2018-06-09 20.27.28 MSP 7:3.png

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a shortage of more than 1 million registered nurses by 2022. To help address that shortage, University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)'s College of Nursing is partnering with Memphis-area colleges. The UTHSC College of Nursing Partnership Enrollment Programs (PEPs) will allow eligible students enrolled at LeMoyne-Owen and Rhodes colleges to receive guaranteed full admission into UTHSC's accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Students who meet additional requirements will also be able to participate in a bridge Doctor of Nursing (DNP) or Ph.D. program. 

Meet the Gentlemen of Project Stand!

Check it out!! This is a video recap of the AWESOME Suiting we had with Project Stand at GW Carver College and Career Academy. It was our PLEASURE to work with each of these men and their mentors to help equip and empower them as they work to improve their lives.

Well done, Gentlemen of Project Stand! And thank you Memphis Marcus, for this awesome video!!

How Eye Contact Brings You Together (or Pulls You Apart)

by Robert A. Lavine Ph.D. via Psychology Today

Screenshot 2018-05-15 21.44.44 MSP 6:29.png

Mutual glances signal everything from interest to confrontation. In a social situation, eye contact with another person can show that you are paying attention in a friendly way. But it can also be antagonistic, such as when a political candidate turns toward their competitor during a debate and makes eye contact that signals hostility. 

Hey, Class of 2018: How’s the job search going?

by Lily Martis via Monster 

Screenshot 2018-05-15 21.42.15 MSP 6:25.png

“What are your plans after graduation?” If you’re in the Class of 2018, you’ve surely been asked this question more times than your calculator can count—and you either love or loathe answering it. This year’s cohort of college graduates seem to be split on life after graduation: Some had it all figured out before winter break, while many others still “can’t even.” A new, exclusive Monster survey found that this year’s college graduates could use some help writing resumes, overcoming fears, and most importantly, finding a job. 

7 personality traits of successful executives

by Greg Moran via Memphis Business Journal



Strong senior executives don’t make it to the top by chance. As they work their way up the corporate ladder, they acquire the right mix of skills and experience to succeed in higher leadership positions. But why do some leaders plateau while others go on to become successful senior executives? It all comes down to core competencies, or the innate personality traits that drive a leader’s behaviors and motivations.

17 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Job Interview

by JAYNINE HOWARD via Recruiter Today

Screenshot 2018-05-15 20.49.02 MSP 6:17.png

Everyone gets nervous before and during job interviews — whether they admit it or not. (Those who say they do not get nervous are the same people who come off as arrogant and overconfident during interviews. Watch out for them!) Interviewers know that you will be nervous. They expect it. Still, being too nervous is not good. If you are stammering, shaking, and sweating during an interview, the interviewers will likely conclude you do not work well under pressure and are not a fit for the job.

How to dress your best in any work environment, from a casual office to the boardroom

by Richard Feloni, Samantha Lee and Áine Cain via Business Insider

Screenshot 2018-05-15 20.39.55 MSP 6:13.png

 There was once a time when every professional, no matter his or her industry, put on a suit each morning. But today, there are so many interpretations of formal and business casual that it can be easy to look sloppy or over-dressed if you're not aware of the environment.