3 strategies for superb spontaneous speaking

by Anett Grant via Memphis Business journal

 Image courtesy of GETTY IMAGES (IZUSEK)

Image courtesy of GETTY IMAGES (IZUSEK)

If you want to excel at speaking spontaneously, you can’t just “wing it.” You need to have a plan. Here are three strategies for superb spontaneous speaking.

6 steps to becoming excellent in all you do

by Billy Arcement via The Business Journals

 Image courtesy of GETTY IMAGES (SORBETTO)

Image courtesy of GETTY IMAGES (SORBETTO)

Few, if given the choice, would reject becoming excellent at what they do. We view excellence at the epitome of success. It’s the gold standard in any arena.

5 Things Consultants Do That Job Seekers Should Imitate

by MARK ANTHONY DYSON via Recruiter Today

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If you want to see success, you should start paying attention to how successful consultants control their careers. These independent professionals have total say over how they work, when they work, on what they work, and for whom they work.

Making a first impression that lasts

by Harvey Mackay via Memphis Business Journal

 Image courtesy of GETTY IMAGES (KIEFERPIX)

Image courtesy of GETTY IMAGES (KIEFERPIX)

There are many things in life that you can do multiple times. Making a first impression isn't one of them. First impressions are lasting . Once a first impression is made, if it’s less than great, unfortunately it takes a long time to change it.

How you treat others shows all, no matter how educated, smart and successful you think you are

by Oleg Vishnepolsky via LinkedIn

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In this short article, the author gives a few short stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary gestures to show respect to others.

Can you relate to these cartoon characters navigating life?

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The real world is full of unknowns, especially for recent college grads and millennials hustling to figure out life's next steps. See how the author has used 17 inspiring, funny, almost too real cartoons that millennials in their first jobs — and professionals of every age — can instantly relate to.

Eight Habits of Considerate People

by Dr. Travis Bradberry via LinkedIn

 Image courtesy of Getty Images

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Being considerate of others is certainly a good career move, but it’s also good for your health. When you show consideration for others, the brain’s reward center is triggered, which elevates the feel-good chemicals dopamine, oxytocin, and endogenous opioids. This gives you a great feeling, which is similar to what’s known as “runner’s high,” and all that oxytocin is good for your heart. 

Mentoring works both ways



“When the student is ready, a teacher appears. Mentors are all around you once you start looking for them.” And it works both ways. These authors encourage people to become mentors because “you won’t fully discover, appreciate or leverage what you have until you start giving it away.”

Exciting Update from Mayor Jim Strickland

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Last year, Memphis Suit Project had the opportunity to suit the men of Mayor Strickland's program Manhood University. This week Mayor Strickland updated the city of Memphis on the program and shared an interview with a past student of Manhood University and his inspirational story. 

Suiting Event: University of Memphis student athletes PAWS program


Last week Memphis Suit Project had the distinct pleasure to suit the student athletes of University of Memphis PAWS program! Huge thanks to Strategic Financial Partners for making this event possible and helping these students enter the workforce with confidence and credibility! 

Nail the handshake, land the job

by Lily Martis via Monster

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The secret to getting a job is in your hands—literally. Whether you’re going to an interview or attending a networking event, your handshake is one of the most important first impressions you’ll make. A good handshake has the power to both diminish the impact of a negative impression and make a positive interaction even better, according to a Beckman Institute study.

Mind-twisting questions for job applicants, and why you might use them

by Gina Hall via Memphis Business Journal

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Challenging interview questions can go beyond a person’s résumé to demonstrate creativity, character, problem-solving skills and a willingness to collaborate. The questions may take applicants by surprise, but they can also show employers which candidates can think quickly on their feet.

Looking to learn a new skill this year? These affordable e-learning programs have you covered

by Banu Ibrahim via CNN

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For those looking to strengthen their resume, this could mean mastering the basics of coding. For amateur photographers hoping to take their hobby to the next level, this could mean Photoshop and photography webinars. Whatever your goals may be, there's an e-learning program that can help you out.

The Mistakes You Make in a Meeting’s First Milliseconds

by Sue Shellenbarger via The Wall Street Journal

 Image courtesy by MARK MATCHO

Image courtesy by MARK MATCHO

People will make snap judgments as soon as they meet you, but you can turn this to your advantage. A growing body of research shows the snap judgments people make about others’ trustworthiness are wrong more often than most people think. These first impressions are formed in milliseconds, based on instinctive responses in the brain’s emotion-processing center, the amygdala.

Emotionally Intelligent Ways To Express These 5 Feelings At Work

by Judith Humphrey via Fast Company

 Image courtesy of Rawpixel/iStock

Image courtesy of Rawpixel/iStock

You’ve heard by now that you need to be “transparent” and “authentic” and to “bring your whole self” to work. More often than not, these phrases are shorthand for expressing your feelings. But while it’s true that you need an emotionally intelligent approach both to build a great work culture and to advance your own career, there’s more to it than just wearing your feelings on your sleeve.

From Bankruptcy to Billion-Dollar Business: 4 Lessons From Serial Entrepreneurs on Bouncing Back From Failure

by STEVE MCGERR via Recruiter

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Decided to bite the bullet and set up your own business? The good news is you’re not alone. More than 650,000 new businesses were created in 2016 in the UK, and while the numbers aren’t in yet for 2017, they’re likely to be similarly high. In the U.S., meanwhile, a conservative estimate suggests about 400,000 new businesses start each year.

Grammar & Punctuation: Make a Great First Impression

by Beth G Sanders via LinkedIn

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Every word you publish under your name or the name of your business represents you. That sentence may be your potential client’s or employer’s only impression of you. Be sure it’s professional, clean, and correct.

Guest column: Graduation rates hit record high, set students for success

by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam via Memphis Business Journal

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If we are going to meet our goals in workforce development in Tennessee, it will take more than setting goals. It will take results, and recent figures show that results have us on the right path.