These 8 Moments Will Shape Your Professional Life

by JILLIAN KRAMER via Fast Company 

Image by Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Image by Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

On the day to day, what you do from 9 to 5 may not seem to amount to much. But there come moments in every person’s career–career firsts, if you will–that can make or break your entire work life. If you’re prepared for them and see them for the important moments they are, you can make your career, not break it. Here, our experts identify eight such moments and how to use them to your advantage.

How to decide if an internship program is right for you

by Mike Baize via Memphis Business Journal



While countless college-age students were spending this summer at the beach, many of their classmates were opting for business suits over swimsuits. Summer internships are viewed as a great opportunity to gain workplace experience and get an edge on the competition when it comes to finding a job after graduation.

Help Memphis Suit Project Suit 11 HAAMI Men

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Only 11.7% of African American male students graduate within a four-year period from the University of Memphis. This number has increased every year, but continued improvement in retention rates is vital to student success.


The Hooks African American Male Initiative (HAAMI) is working to improve retention rates and we want to help! Memphis Suit Project will be partnering with HAAMI to suit 11 of their students as part of their career development program.


Please join us in raising $2,200 by February 19 so that each of these 11 men have confidence and credibility as they graduate and pursue employment in our great city!


More about HAAMI:

HAAMI focuses on improving the retention and graduation rates of African American males attending the University of Memphis by enriching each students' academic, personal, and social development.


In monthly group sessions, HAAMI participants learn career, personal, and life skills from university faculty and staff as well as business leaders. Session presentations include topics such as university support resources, mental health, student loan debt, internship, professional etiquette, and job readiness. Mentoring and individual coaching, special events, and peer fellowship and support are additional components of HAAMI.


Targeting Social Disparities:

Hooks Institute programs provide direct interventions to help eliminate racial, health, and socioeconomic disparities in the Mid-South. Best practices identified through our efforts are disseminated for replication throughout the nation.


More info about HAAMI:

New Graduates: These Are The Unspoken Rules Of The Workplace No One Tells You

by Anisa Purbasari Horton via Fast Company

by Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

by Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Graduation is an exciting (and scary) time; you’re leaving a world where you know all the rules and entering into a world where what’s expected of you often isn’t so clear cut. The rules that truly matter in the workplace are often not written anywhere–they’re simply things that those who have been in it for a while consider to be obvious.

Memphis is one of the 5 best cities to start your career

by Mark Fleming via Business Insider

Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Memphis is one of the most attractive places to live for young professionals because of low housing costs and great job opportunities. In other words, it's a top city for economic opportunity.

A Stanford professor says you’re more successful if you stop saying two phrases

via Metro

Image by Ella Byworth for

Image by Ella Byworth for

Often it can seem like success is predetermined. You’ve got to have the right education, contacts, looks. But there are a few things you can do to override the cards you’ve been dealt – the biggest being the way people perceive you. 

Interested in coding? Have you heard about CodeCrew? They are leading the youth coding movement in Memphis.

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In partnership with the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation, CodeCrew offers a variety of programs focused on ensuring that youth are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work, and how to put this knowledge to use through programming and software development concepts.  These include a number of summer camps, after school programs, in-school electives classes, and special events.

If you are interested in coding- or know someone who might be-

FedEx uses 'alternate paths' to hire high-tech employees without college degrees

via Memphis Business Journal

Image by SCYTHER5

Image by SCYTHER5

FedEx recently launched the Pathfinder Program to find potential employees who might not have gone the college route. 

Investing in America’s data science and analytics talent


via Business Higher Education Forum

via Business Higher Education Forum

The current shortage of job candidates with data science and analytics (DSA) skills is likely to expand in coming years. 

The best and worst things you can do following your interview

by Robby Vanuxem via LinkedIn

by nandyphotos/Thinkstock

by nandyphotos/Thinkstock

Whether it’s been two hours or two days, time is dragging ever since you had that interview. You are sitting by the phone willing it to ring with some good news. 

3 strategies for projecting confidence

by Anett Grant via Memphis Business Journal 

Image by ISTOCK

Image by ISTOCK

While how confident you feel on the inside can vary by the day, you should always communicate that you are confident on the outside — and the more confident you appear on the outside, the more confident you’ll feel on the inside. 

Advice for graduates: Create your own opportunities

by Stan Silverman via Memphis Business Journal



Graduates, you have just completed an enormous undertaking. As you seek solutions to work or life’s challenges, I urge you to remember what you learned here about the power of teamwork, and the importance of interpersonal skills in accomplishing your goals. 

Congrats Tech901!

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2017 Graduating Class

Congrats to our friends and colleagues at Tech901 for achieving their largest graduating class EVER!

Their second year ended strong with 79 Fall graduation awards! A total of 207 new students attended Tech901 courses in 2017.

Keep up to great work, Tech901!


    How Turner Construction Company is bringing minorities into the workforce

    by Patrick Johnson via LinkedIn

    Screenshot 2017-11-09 15.50.34 12:25.png

    Here in the city of Memphis, minority unemployment is an old problem. Since the 1990s, we have been a majority-minority city, with a population that’s about 63 percent black. Roughly 43 percent of Memphis-area small businesses are black-owned. Yet, those and other minority-owned businesses only account for 0.9 percent of total sales, according to U.S. Census data. 

    3 easy ways to get the most out of your presentations

    by Anett Grant via Memphis Business Journal

    by Getty Images

    by Getty Images

    When you’re asked to give a presentation, how do you feel? Perhaps the first word that comes to mind is “stressed.” Or maybe you feel confident, but you wish you could be even better. Well, you’re in luck! Here are three easy strategies that will decrease your anxiety and increase your impact so that you can get the most out of your presentations.